Thursday, December 1, 2011

You had me at Crust Pizza.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of carbohydrates.
Although I love them in every way, shape and form, I have my favourite method of consumption and it hits the spot for me every time.
Paradise thy name be-eth thy Pizza.
Pizza is hands down, my all time favourite food.
I first came to hear about CRUST pizza, when I was pregnant with Loren.
A brand spanking new store had opened up just down the road from where I worked and a few people from the office were talking about this "new gourmet pizza bar."
I'm not going to lie to you, it looked pretty and clean from the outside (my criteria for allowing myself to eat food from a restaurant). I was quite hesitant to try it at first, because my husband and I are of European decent and the word "gourmet" in our minds, resonates large plates with little portions.  In my opinion Pizza was something to be celebrated and not something to be skimpy with.
Show me the toppings!!
...and a nice crunchy base...
...and a delicious stringy cheese...
...and a rich tomato based sauce...

But, I digress.
Never the less my curiosity got the best of my husband and I, and we succumbed to trying it one night after work.
*insert angelic epiphany music here*
To cut a long story short, I never looked back and it actually became a staple pregnancy food for me. I would eat CRUST pizza at least once a week. 
People who know me well, know that I don't like to share my food. It's a sickness I have. My food is my own so get your bloody eye's off it because for starters no you can't try it and secondly, go away. 
Buying a CRUST pizza for lunch, meant that it was so filling, I wasn't afraid to bring it into the lunch room and risk having a colleague ask for a piece. I may or may not even have been known to bequeath a slice or two to salivating onlookers, and still have gorged myself with enough for someone who was eating for two!
I'm on maternity leave at the moment, but my CRUST pizza fetish hasn't disappeared.  We now make pizza a weekly Friday night occasion, which benefits me in two of the most fantastic ways.
Because CRUST now has their very own kids range, I can now please the masses with the pizza of their choice AND get out of cooking duties for a night.
Check and Mate.
Having  CRUST pizza on a Friday night is like getting a warm hug from Santa.
It's the perfect way to end the working week.
To celebrate their new kids range I have the most fabulous CRUST PIZZA pack to give away to a lucky reader.
I have a "Friday night off kit" which consists of enough CRUST pizza vouchers for the whole family, a packet of UNO cards (no cheating...well what do you know, DRAW 4!!), and a DVD for mum and dad to watch after the kids have gone to bed!!
I told you it was awesome.
Just either leave a comment here or on my Facebook page, telling me what your favourite fantasy Friday night Pizza topping would be.
I'll announce the winner on my Facebook page!!
Good luck!


Eat placidly amid the chaos of family dinnertime.
Though your offspring may stretch your saintly patience, remain strong.
Nourish them with pizza and quench their thirst with organic drink.
Be gentle with yourself; for you are a delicate spirit who deserves to have a glass of wine.
Maybe even two.
Bask in the company of your family.
Avoid a fight over the remote control and the night will be filled with much laughter.
Through this, your family shall achieve dinner peace.


  1. You don't live near me do you? A Crust has opened literally around the corner. Walking distance. (I hear your angelic, epiphany music...) Mmmm. Just. So. Delicious! *smacks lips*

  2. Mmmmmmm.
    Mmm mmm mm mm m mm mmmmm.

  3. Oh I'd love a Crust near me we do cheep Tuesday up here love the night off cooking, hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend.

    Always Wendy

  4. Mmmmmm Pizza! It's the best :)

  5. I'm coming to this post a bit late, but was thinking about pizza tonight, found out I was pregnant a week ago, freaking out about food restrictions etc. So, the question is: which Crust pizza/s are "safe" for preganancy???