Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Luca,

Dear Luca,

I've procrastinated writing you this letter. Partly because I can't believe you're already six, partly because every time I think of writing this letter, my eyes fill with tears. Time is going by way too quickly. Where on earth is the pause button?

On the weekend you turned a big six years old. We threw you a Disney Princess High Tea, complete with jumping castle and Ariel cake as per requested.

It was the first time you had an actual birthday party with friends from school invited. You were so excited, counting down the days months before. All of your friends came and it was truly a magical day. You were beaming. Positively glowing throughout the party. Partly because you were just so happy, partly because it was bloody 40 degree weather! Typical!

The jumping castle arrived at home at 7.30 in the morning which was incredibly exciting stuff for you and your brother and sisters. You were all out there jumping up a storm before you even bothered to open your presents! It felt so fantastic seeing you so excited. Made all the relentless organising so worthwhile.

You are currently obsessed with Ariel the mermaid, so the party was based on your love for her. I made the cake for you, which you loved (phew!). You can be quite finicky with details, so I was relieved when I saw that you approved of the colour schemes!

It is the end of the school year and I have noticed that you have really come out of your shell. You seem to choose your friends more wisely as well, which is a relief to me. At the beginning of the year you were a bit of a sheep, blindly following the stronger personalities. Now days, when you come home from school, we talk at length about the people who are always nice to you, and those who are only sometimes nice. You, all by yourself, have made the decision to distance yourself from those who are only sometimes nice. This makes me prouder than you will ever know. I love that you are wise beyond your years and are able to see through the popularity contest.

You love a boy called Ben, but he loves Isabelle with an E (not to be mistaken with Isabel without and E). This was deeply upsetting to you, so Lola suggested that you try to look more like Isabelle with an E so that Ben would love you instead. You shook your head at this and informed Lola that there was no way you could ever look like her because she is much shorter than you are. So Lola thought for a minute, and suggested that we chop her legs off. Lola is your little puppy dog and wants to make you happy at all costs. Clearly :-/

You are a great student. Very well behaved in class. You have received six merit awards this year alone, which is a phenomenal achievement. You try hard, which is beyond what I will ever ask of you. You get a reader folder for homework every day, which we tackle together when you get home from school. You have improved on your reading in leaps and bounds over the year. I'm so impressed. I was actually worried at the beginning of the year as I noticed that rather than read the book, you would just remember the story from when the teacher read it to you. Now you can pick up any book and start actually sounding out the words. This blows my mind.

You are so responsible that I often forget just how old you are. I always think of my children as "Luca" and "the kids". It's like you're my wing woman. If I want to go for a shower or something that will take me out of the picture, I can always rely on you to "just look after the "kids" for me for a minute". You enjoy  the feeling of superiority!

You currently attend swimming lessons with your dad and Lola. Lola is like a little fish in the water, whereas you are a tad more cautious. Initially when you began, it was quite a struggle to get you into the water. Then it was a struggle to peel you off the instructor, once you were in the water! You have improved immensely. I'm not going to say you love swimming lessons, because that would be a flat out lie, but, well, you don't scream like a banshee anymore at the idea of getting wet! Proud of you babe. I have to acknowledge your dad for that one. He is the one who persisted with you and kept taking you to swimming lessons. I was ready to give up, take you home and wrap you in cotton wool for the rest of your life. Your dad likes to push you to your limits, which is something that you need as you are cautious with your approach to everything.  You two have a very special bond that has been strengthened because of all these tests he puts you through. These tests have made you a stronger child mentally which I am grateful for. Your dad sees the potential in you and doesn't like seeing you bow out in defeat if being scared or too cautious is the only reason you're bowing.

You've lost quite a few teeth this year. The last one you lost was one of your front teeth. The other is wiggly, so I guess you'll be front toothless for Christmas. I so want that to happen because I would love to get you on camera singing, "All I want for Christmas, is my two front teeth." I'm cheesy like that. You always tell me I take too many photos of you, but I can't seem to help my paparazzi ways. I'm just so incredibly proud of you that I want to capture every single moment even if it annoys you, cause you look so pretty when you're annoyed! Click!

We have a very special relationship you and I. We joke with each other constantly. Always play teasing each other. I love how we can muck around like that. You are quite the comedian. Quite witty when you want to be also. You totally get that from me ;-)

One thing that irks me about you Luca, I have to say, is my goodness you take your time with everything child!

"Luca put your shoes on or we are going to be late for school."

"Luca, have you put your shoes on yet?"

"Luca, your shoes!"

"Arrgh Luca, put your fricken shoes on!!"

This happens more often than I care to admit. You can also trade the word shoe, for anything else that comes to mind. You're terrible like that!

You always look at me sheepishly, and say something infuriating like

"Oh, I forgot."


Luckily you make up for it in every other way.

You have battled with a few eczema issues this year. Some quite severe. We still are not certain what triggers the outbreaks, as the blood tests were inconclusive. It showed that you had double the number of allergens in your blood count that were considered normal, although were none of the common ones such as dog hair, dust (phew!), pollen , wheat, etc.

It's something we have to constantly keep an eye on, and never fully goes away, but we have a better understanding of it now which is helpful for both of us.

Luca, you love to be out and about. You love going shopping, out to lunch or dinner, or going on "holidays" over at your grandparent's house. Sometimes you enjoy the serenity of being without your brother and sisters for a day or so. You also enjoy being spoilt, and everyone enjoys spoiling you because you are just such a phenomenal kid.

You have a love/hate relationship with your siblings. Thankfully for the majority of the time, you love them. You are very caring and nurturing, until they get into your stuff. This frustrates you to no end. I completely understand, and am looking into a way where you can store all of your favourite toys and trinkets away from sticky fingers.

You love slushies, olive pizza, spaghetti Bolognese, and cheeseburgers (minus the pickles). You love strawberries for crunch and sip and you like your sandwiches crust less.

Luca, you are at school at the moment and just the thought of you makes my eyes well up with tears. It's just that I'm so incredibly proud of the little lady you have become, and at some level, have always been.  You have such a good heart that it shines through. You have gotten so tall as well, that it makes you look older than your six years. I sometimes have to do a double take on you to soak up the fact that you are still my baby. No matter how old or tall or mature you become Luca, you will always be my baby. That baby who would spend hours jumping on that jolly jumper. That baby who would flap her arms vehemently with excitement (you actually still do that, which is adorable). That baby who would twirl her dummy around her hair when she slept so tight, that I would have to end up cutting it out of your hair.

Luca, you are an absolute joy to be around. No trouble whatsoever. Whenever we can, you and I sneak off to lunches together, or to the movies. I love spending one on one time with you. It's an absolute pleasure. We also enjoy our cuddles on the couch. You and I are very close, little girl, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that we remain close throughout our lives. I want to always be your netting. I'm not going to lie to you, life is tricky, and there will be times when you will lose balance and fall. I will always be there to catch you baby girl. That is what I'm here for. That is my mission in life. That is what I was born to do. To ensure that you and your brother and sisters always have the support in life to be able to rely on the netting and go forth and soar to great heights. So that no matter how alone you may be or where you are in the world, that you may think of me and feel at home, and feel safe, and loved, and worthwhile and precious, oh so incredibly precious.

Luca, I love you beyond any measurable words. You are my life and you take my heart with you wherever you go. Happy 6th birthday baby, girl. God bless you always xx


  1. That is so true G. It brought tears to my eyes to read through and have the realisation dawn on me that time passes quite quickly. Our love for you Luca is something that cannot be put into words, it must be felt to be believed. One day you will know when you have children of your own, how much they mean to you. Love you always baby girl; my Luca-licious.

  2. It's such a personal letter just for Luca that it seems almost wrong to leave a comment but it's beautiful Romina.

    I love the fact that you take so many photos of the children - it's always lovely to see them.

    Lucas cake was awesome, I'm glad she liked it.

    Children are so damned precious aren't they? xx

    ps - also really good to see you blogging - I've missed it!

  3. I love the letters you write your beloved children. It must make them feel special.

  4. Love your post Romina. Happy belated birthday wish to lovely miss Luca! xxx

  5. Wow, letters like this will truly be a treasure to her later on!