Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dear Lola,

Dear Lola,

You’ve been waiting a long time for this moment my love, and today it has finally arrived! Today you turn five, little girl!!

Now, in your mind, life begins.

Ever since I can remember you’ve been asking me “When can I go to school like Luca, Mummy?” and my answer has always been, repeatedly “When you turn five.”

You’ve been planning your whole life around this milestone and now it is finally in your grasp. Granted you still have a good five or so months before you actually go to school, but the wheels are in motion, things are happening.

You are stuck in two worlds Lola. On one hand you are desperate to grow up to gain the approval of your bigger sister Luca, although on the other hand you are still such a baby at heart. This shines through when you are playing with your younger brother and sister.

When you play with Santiago and Loren, you don’t mind playing with them on their level. There is little to no competition involved. Although I can tell that this is because you feel a certain sense of leadership when you are around them (and Luca’s at school) because you are the oldest. You become mother hen and look after them like a caring big sister. It is so sweet to watch Lola. God I love you. You have such a caring heart, and it shines through. Lola, you have a personality that yearns to be loved. You need to feel as though the people, whom you love, love you in return. You are constantly seeking approval from Loren and Santiago to validate you almost. They absolutely adore you Lola. You needn’t ever worry about their feelings for you. You lift Minnie up and carry her around, you build forts with Santi, you have all the time in the world for them and for that they raise you up on a pedestal. You also try to teach them as you go along, and say quite profound things such as “Santi, the pictures we take with our eyes are called memories.”

They are lucky to have you as a big sister.


When you are with Luca, the two of you are competitive to the point of madness. It has pretty much always been this way between you girls and it drives me insane. You are hell bent on competing at her level that no matter how much I try to convince you that the 19 month age gap between you gives Luca an advantage on things such as reading and math, you still feel defeated when you can’t pass her ridiculous “tests”. She knows that she has the upper hand on you too, so this gives her a smug sisterly satisfaction. Even though you may not be able to read “level 11 books” or know what “1000 plus 1000” is (bloody Luca), you are actually extremely bright. You have a natural awareness that constantly keeps your dad and me in awe of you. Not only are you bright when it comes to age appropriate work, but you have analytical skills that surpass your years.
You’ve got street smarts little girl. If for any reason you were left to fend for yourself for a week, not only would you survive, but I think you would thrive…and gather a following…and possibly overthrow a MOB boss. That’s just the way your personality works. You are addictive. People are drawn to you. Little kids, big kids, you don’t discriminate because your personality is magnetic. One thing that drives Luca up the wall is that you will often claim her friends as your own, and she is quite adamant that her friends should be left alone. You are such a socialite that your need to have fun with people knows no boundaries. Secretly, I think it gives you satisfaction when you befriend one of Luca’s “people”.

Although the two of you are quite competitive with each other, there is tenderness between you both that cannot be denied.


I watch you play, observe you almost, and no matter how much you try to deny it, you girls have fun together. Real fun. You laugh with childish abandonment and really bond with each other. Sometimes the two of you get quite rowdy actually, but I try never to intervene when you are playing and getting along. I encourage any “nice” behaviour between you. Even if I know that you are getting up to no good together. I want that bond between you two to strengthen, and if the house gets torn apart while that happens, then so be it. What’s a house anyway, when it’s your laughter that makes it a home. Luca will never admit this Lola, but you are her best friend.

You are a bit of a dobber though Lola belle. Yes that’s right. I often have to stop you from telling me things that Luca has said or done to you. My response to you is always “I don’t care Lola. Either sort it out yourselves or keep away from each other.” Sometimes this stops you, but often you just cannot help yourself.

“Luca!! Mum!! Luca is getting chocolate for breakfast, she can’t have chocolate for breakfast, can she Mum?”

Luca’s classic response will always be “Worry about you Lola, don’t worry about what I’m doing.”

The two of you absolutely crack me up, if I’m not ripping my hair out, that is. I am looking forward to seeing your relationship evolve during the years. I can’t wait to remind you of your competitiveness once you are at an age where you are both over it.


Lola, you and Luca both have a yellow belt in Karate. Luca is quite dedicated to the sport, whereas I suspect you mainly go for the social aspect of it. You absolutely love running around and laughing with Chloe and Lauren (Luca’s school friends). Lola you love to enjoy life. You are every bit the tom boy and have your gears set at full speed ahead, at all times. This is both entertaining and draining!

Lola you go to preschool twice a week. There you have made lots of friends, mainly boys.  Your dad was telling me the other day that when he dropped you off, your friend Nate ran over to you, picked you up and spun you around. Apparently the pre school teacher Fran said “You better watch out for that one, all the boys love her.” Its true Lola, all the boys do love you because you are a little tom boy at heart. You have been invited to so many birthday parties this year and they have all been boy’s parties, bar one! Kids find it so easy to get along with you because you are always the first one to have your hand up for a good time. I’m not going to lie to you Lola, this has me worried about the future!


We’ve recently received your acceptance letter into Primary School. When we went for your interview, the principle at the end, remarked how incredibly bright you were “ and every bit the tom boy, isn’t she.” I remember crying during that interview because you impressed me so much with your knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, sums, shapes. Lola, every day you never fail to impress me. You are like a sponge. Seriously. Even if I don’t think you are paying attention, you are, and you are soaking up every ounce of information around you.

Lola, I have a little nick name for you. I call you Lola belle. Do you remember how that came about? You love Hootabelle. For a while there you slept with her every night. When you were sad or sick you would hug Hootabelle and would draw comfort from her. Well, one day I was sad and sick on the couch and you came over and gave me a big hug. I drew so much comfort from that, that I started referring to you as my “Lolabelle”.

Lola, you give me the best hugs. The thing that I adore about you baby girl, is how affectionate you are to me. You are often giving me kisses. Especially when you see that I’m feeling sad or sick, I can always count on you to be the first one to come over and give me a hug and a kiss. It’s that caring nature of yours that swells my heart up to twice its size. It’s the little things that you say and do Lola, that make you such a special little girl. Every night when I tuck you in and give you a kiss, you wait until you hear me going back to my bedroom and you shout out “I hope you have a good night’s sleep Mummy!!”


You are such a sweet heart. You have such a caring nature that it makes me so proud to be your mum. There is something about you my love, which draws people in. I think it’s your pure heart. That untainted view of the world which makes me want to experience it through your eyes. Those gorgeous hazel eyes of yours, those eyes with the flowers on the inside.

You are very sensitive my love. You enjoy being around your Dad and I. You suffer from separation anxiety whenever you are away from us for too long.

Your Dad is so proud of you baby girl. He is always telling me how much he loves your spirit. He loves that you have a mind of your own and how you stick to your word. Dad goes for the Dragons, but from the very beginning you have always said that you go for the Rabbitohs and back the same team still to this day. He loves your natural sporting ability also.


Everyone who sees you always comments on how much you look like your dad, although a few weeks ago someone remarked how similar our characteristics were when we laughed. I love having that connection to you little girl. I want you to hold that dear to you. When you laugh, you look like me. You take on my spirit. So I beg you, keep smiling baby girl because as long as you smile, no matter where you are in this world, I want you to draw comfort that I will always be with you. In your smile, in your laughter. Although, hopefully you’ll be over your separation anxiety by then!

Lola belle, I love you with all my heart and then some. You bring joy to my soul.

Never, never change.

You have the world at your fingertips, go ahead and reach for the stars. With your charismatic nature, I’m sure you’ll even catch a few planets along the way.


Happy fifth birthday baby girl. You are amazing xx


  1. I absolutely agree 100% with everything your mum wrote about you Lola. You are so special and brighten my life no end. My tattoo that I got for you (which I got when you were 18 months old) is so spot on the money. As you know it is a frangipani and I got that because every time I looked at you, you filled me with warmth, brightness, light, splendour and happiness. It reminded me of everything I feel when I see a beautiful blossoming frangipani tree. To this day that tattoo has encapsulated you more and more. Love you my little Lola xoxox.