Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Loren,

Dear Loren,

Loren...that almost sounds strange because more often than not we call you Minnie. Today is your birthday Minnie, and today you turn two. I'm looking at you right now as I type this and my eyes swell with tears. It seems like only yesterday when  I held you in my arms for the very first time. I remember thinking how beautiful you were the second I saw you. Even covered in all the muck that is associated with childbirth, your beauty was the loudest thing in that room. To this day, that rings true. We call you Minnie, firstly because of the obvious reasons - you love Minnie Mouse. Secondly because you are so damn short!! Minnie you are tiny!! Teeny tiny!! You must have an extraordinary metabolism because you are the biggest eater ever! You will eat anything that is on offer and then ask for seconds and sometimes thirds.

You are a feisty little girl. When I say feisty, I mean I think you have short woman syndrome because despite your tiny package you pack a mean punch. To the point that sometimes you are a downright bully to your brother who loves you so very, very, much! He dotes on you and for the majority of the time you love that, although every now and again even though he is bigger than you, you push him around! Especially if he has a toy that you find attractive.
In saying that though, you two are the best of friends. Santiago is always looking out for you. He takes his role of big brother very seriously and your welfare is his main concern. You are quite spoilt little girl. You have three older siblings who absolutely adore you and aim to please you at every turn. Luca and Lola are quite competitive for your love and attention and even though you are young, you are quite savvy and have learnt to play them to your advantage. Lola, even though she is only taller than you by a smidge, picks you up and carries you around. You love it when she does that. Luca treats you as though you are still a baby. She really does feels quite older than you and allows you to get away with a lot more than she lets her other siblings get away with. You are even allowed to be in her room at times! That for Luca, says a lot. Although sometimes you rub her up the wrong way and the two of you go at it. It is hilarious to witness because she is six and you are two. You are a little parrot so all you do in that argument is repeat whatever she is yelling at you. It frustrates her, and is pretty funny I have to admit. You also have a little trick up your sleeve for whenever you feel you aren't winning an argument. You spit. Yes you heard me you feral little child. You spit! No saliva actually comes out, but the intention is there. It is very difficult not to laugh when you are doing this. You look like the sweetest, most innocent little child in pigtails who would never do such a thing as SPIT , but spit you do. I'm pretty sure you learnt that at preschool.

You don't mind going to preschool. Drop off is always heartbreaking - that's why I let your dad do that. I'm not emotionally strong enough to do drop off.  You have a little friend at preschool that you talk about. Her name is Olivia. It's adorable to hear you talk about her.

You are speaking more and more of late. You know how to count to twenty and you can sing the entire alphabet. You haven't been a baby for very long because you've always been in such a hurry to be like your older brother and sisters. You can do everything that they do and have that fiery determination in you that ensures you won't be left behind. You can see that determination in your huge brown eyes. Those eyes that help you get away with murder.

You love Dora and the Wiggles. This birthday the theme of your gifts has been Dora. You love watching Dora and I will often find you shouting at the television when prompted by her. You are a passionate child and by no means shrinking violet.  More like a shrieking violet!

You are quite spirited little girl, who likes to get her own way. Although for the majority of time you are well behaved. Although you do not know the meaning of the word "quiet" , especially when we are at Karate practise for your older sisters. You and your brother love to run a muck there. The two of you are thick as thieves. He loves to make you laugh and does so often. You give off those delicious deep belly laughs that makes anyone within a 50metre radius laugh along with you.
Your beauty is obvious. Every time we venture out I literally have people stopping me in the street to tell me how gorgeous you are. Although the best thing about your beauty Minnie, is that it comes from within.
You are so affectionate. We are joined at the hip, almost literally. You are always in my arms. Your legs are like that of an Orangutan constantly clinging to my waist. Sometimes you cling on for dear life and I cannot put you down. We are very close you and I, Min. You are an extension of me, and when I am at work I actually feel as though I am missing a piece of myself. I do everything with you wrapped around my waist. You're my little monkey. When you look at me with those big brown eyes of yours and call me Mummy, it's all I can do from picking you up and squeezing you till I hear that beloved belly laugh of yours. You are such a joy little girl.
Minnie, as much as I love you, I wouldn't mind if you went to sleep in your own bed sometime this century. Both you and Santiago have inherited this bad habit of kicking your father out of bed and sleeping with me of a night. I don't mind so much sleeping with Santi because he at least stays on his side of the bed, but you are a maniac to sleep with!! During the course of the night you will sleep in every direction possible - on top of me, then I'll have your feet in my face, then you'll be head butting me. You also sleep walk. One night I awoke to you saying "No dankyou" and then you put my nose in your mouth. I think you were dreaming that you were eating . It was hilarious, but I think you'd appreciate how confusing that was for me at 3am in the morning.

You love your Daddy, Minnie Mouse. As soon as you hear his car pull up in the driveway you start screaming "Daddy home!!!" and run around like a chook with its head cut off. You love to give him kisses and be his stand out girl. You are quite competitive with your siblings and don't like to share affection. When it comes to you little girl, you tend to wrap him around your little finger. You are his baby girl and will always be.
If by some miracle you happen to sleep in your own bed overnight you like to make an announcement once you've awoken in the morning. You stand at the top on the stairs with your little arms spread out wide and shout "My awaaaaaake!!!"  You love to make a grand entrance.

You love cake pops. Love them. So I didn't make your birthday cake this year. Instead I've ordered some of your favourite flavours in a Minnie Mouse theme. I can't wait for you to see them. I love the manner in which you get  excited.  You show it from the tip of your nose to the tip of your toes.

I love you so so so much Minnie. I can't even begin to put into words how much you mean to me.  You are a part of me.  When I have you in my arms I feel like I'm home. As though I'm at peace with the world. You do this heart melting thing when we are hugging, you pat me on the back with your little cupped hand. It's like you've been here before and are looking after me as much as I'm looking after you.
Ever since you were a baby we have always gone outside to look at the stars together. I'll hold you in my arms and we'll both look up at the sky. You'll always exclaim "WOW, Stars!!" in which I'll give you a kiss on your soft cheek and point at the brightest one. It's then that I tell you that star is shining that bright, just for you. You are my star Loren. No matter how old you get or wherever this world takes you, I want you to know that you can always look up at the night sky, find the brightest star, and know in your heart that it shines bright just for you. I want you to always remember that the brightest star in the sky will eternally be a symbol of my love for you.

Loren the world is at your fingertips. Even at the age of two I can already see that you have the drive and passion to be whatever you want to be in this life. I will always and forever be here for you to encourage you the whole way. I will dedicate my life to being your greatest support network baby girl. No matter how big you get Loren, you will always be my Minnie Mouse.

Happy second birthday baby girl, mummy loves you more than you could ever possibly imagine xxxx

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  1. What an amazing woman and mother you are. I have just found your blog and viewed your video as well - what an inspirational and selfless gift! Your children are very very lucky ... and cute!